Why Blog?

With so many blogs out there, what do I have to contribute and why should I write my own?

I have always been a reflective teacher, trying to analyze the situation in my classroom and look for ways to improve interactions for the next class and for the same topic next year.  I have not always been good about writing down my thoughts (and remembering to follow-up on the changes for next year).  I figured a blog would give me a place to do just that and that the novelty of the blog itself might be more encouraging than if I just got a fancy new notebook for recording my thoughts.

As part of my license renewal process, I must set goals, establish a means to achieve those goals, and track my progress.  My plan is for all of my blog posts to contain some element of this process – documentation that I am indeed striving for continual improvement.

While there might not be anything written here that is particularly ground breaking, I hope that sharing what I do in my classroom might at least be helpful to someone else.