SBG and Gradebooks

As I head into a new school year, I am really excited about implementing standards based grading (SBG). So today I set out to accomplish three things in preparation for the new school year:

  1.  set up a gradebook
  2. draft an explanation of my grading system for students and parents (I am thinking I will end up with something like Kelly O’Shea’s Standards-Based Grading Cheat Sheet )
  3. update/locate all my First Day materials

That is until I got very stuck and overwhelmed by #1.

My school is very small and does not have a grading system.  This is both good and bad, since I am free to choose my own method of recording grades, but would like to do so using something that is free (or maybe super inexpensive??).

I had been using Engrade, but when I went to set it up, realized that this would be rather clunky and confusing for students if done for SBG (it seemed difficult to assign the standards to a particular quiz question – you need to access an additional screen, and the grade still shows up as a percent – will look like most of my students are failing the class, even though they might be right on track).

I began a bit of a search after that – got a few potential leads and a headache.

Maybe something in Excel? or I might invest in a new pencil sharpener…

Any free/really cheap systems out there that you love/would be willing to share?