Goals for 2012-13 & Beyond

Since I officially start my school year tomorrow, I thought that I should at least put my goals for the year (and longer term) in writing.

These are things that I’d like to work on to improve my teaching.  They aren’t the only things on my list, but these are the ones I plan to focus on for now.  (As a beginning teacher I soon realized that I could make myself crazy about all the things that I needed to fix to be a perfect teacher, or I could make a more focused effort for improvement and remain a bit more sane.)

1. Get students to buy-in to their own learning.  This includes incorporating things like standards-based grading, extra opportunities for assessment (retests), and some type of self-evaluation (journaling, keeping a record of progress on objectives …)

2. Increase the effectiveness of whiteboarding.  Do this by improving the quality of whiteboarding, getting students more involved in the process, and working on my questioning techniques.

3. Finding out more about my students’ misconceptions.  Research common misconceptions, find out what misconceptions my students have, and work on changing these.  (Okay, some of this is already started – but I’d like to do it better.)

4. Create more varied assessment.  Keep adding to the non-test/quiz assessments that I have.

5. Work on developing a more conceptual version of my class. (This one is probably more long term.) Look at creating an alternate version of the math-heavy sections of the class to make it a better fit for some of the students that don’t have the necessary math requirements.

Like I said, this list isn’t everything I need to work on.  And it won’t necessarily all be implemented perfectly and certainly not instantaneously.  But I’ll give myself permission to be a work in progress!