Always look on the bright side…

As I take the time to finish a couple other posts that are in development, I got a reminder of something I need to be doing better as a teacher – positive comments to parents.

In my teaching classes, this was mentioned several times in articles like this one: Positive Parent Contact Logs.  As a high school teacher, I have not been the best at implementing this.

Since my own child is now entering the public school system, I am finding out first hand how important it is to make sure to point out the positives about students in your class, especially when there is an opportunity for improvement that you would like help in addressing.

I firmly believe that this does not mean that we should congratulate our high school students for completing every task, empty and constant praise is not productive.  But each student does bring some talent with them to class, and we should recognize that and share our acknowledgement with parents.

When I was in high school, I wanted to handle everything on my own and probably even discouraged my parents from going to conferences.  But that was me.  That doesn’t mean this is the approach that my parents wanted (or that the parents of my students want).

So within the next few class periods, I am going to identify a reason to send a quick note or make a quick call to the parents of each of my students, in the spirit of starting the school year off right and opening the lines of communication.