Summer Break = Reflect/Grow/Refresh

So, you may have noticed my complete disappearance from the blogosphere shortly after the start of school.  Originally I felt kind of guilty about it (and let’s face it, I worried that it would mean I might not get any followers) – but then I realized, this blog is really for me to have another way to reflect on my teaching practices (even if it is lonely old me writing for myself).  If it also helps me connect with other teachers and helps them find something useful for their classroom that’s a bonus.  Besides, they are all busy too, so they will understand.

While I was away, I tried some new things this year:the-thinker-by-rodin_2455452

  • SBG (standards-based grades) for the first time in my chemistry class
  • reassessments to go with the SBGing
  • a brand new semester-long physics class

Wait, was that really it… I would have thought this list would be much longer…

Over this summer I plan to think (and blog!) about these things and other aspects of my classroom, so that I can process/learn/vent and be refreshed and equipped with new tools heading into next school year.  I hope some of it ends up being interesting!