The Story So Far…

The Story So Far

The Modeling Chemistry curriculum is based upon developing models to explain matter, its properties, and interactions.  As students develop a more robust model, their “story” changes. This post will include the “Story So Far” as it is developed, unit by unit.  (I am starting by posting just Unit 1 and will continue to add.)

Unit 1 Physical Properties of Matter

  • Everything is made up of particles.
  • Particles have mass.
  • Volume is the amount of space something takes up.
  • Density is a relationship between mass and volume.  (the slope on a mass vs volume graph)
  • In a closed system, if there’s a change, mass stays the same. (Law of Conservation of Mass)
  • The system is what we are studying.  The surroundings are the rest.
  • Solids – particles are close together (more dense than liquids)
  • Liquids – particles are slightly less close (more dense than gases)
  • Gases – particle are very spread out (very low density)