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Revising my SBG system

Last year, shortly before implementing my brand-new standards-based grading system, I read the post Keep It Simple Standards-Based Grading by Frank Noschese.  He offers some great ideas on how a beginning SBGer can get… Continue reading

Rethinking Grades – Do Overs

As I am finishing the school year and starting to check in with blogs I hadn’t been keeping up with before, I came across this crazy (but oh so true) tale of students… Continue reading

Closer to Choosing a Gradebook

My last post was written when I was, shall we say, a bit distressed over choosing a gradebook.  I had thought this would be the no-brainer part of switching to SBG – but… Continue reading

SBG and Gradebooks

As I head into a new school year, I am really excited about implementing standards based grading (SBG). So today I set out to accomplish three things in preparation for the new school… Continue reading

Modeling Chemistry Objectives

Although I have yet to formally write out all my goals that will be included in my professional devleopement plan (PDP – see previous post for why I’m doing this), I know that I… Continue reading