Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Ever take on too much and then have to let some things slide?  Who hasn’t? Last year, I was developing a new semester-long physics course, changing to a standards-based grading system, and being… Continue reading

Rethinking Grades – Do Overs

As I am finishing the school year and starting to check in with blogs I hadn’t been keeping up with before, I came across this crazy (but oh so true) tale of students… Continue reading

Summer Break = Reflect/Grow/Refresh

So, you may have noticed my complete disappearance from the blogosphere shortly after the start of school.  Originally I felt kind of guilty about it (and let’s face it, I worried that it… Continue reading

Making Whiteboarding More Professional

In part of my effort to improve the whiteboarding in my classroom, I am identifying a few areas that need improvement  – including helping my students share information with the class in a… Continue reading

Change in Mass Lab

The Modeling Chemistry Change in Mass lab has students make six different changes and compare the mass before and after these changes.  I love the idea of this lab and it is always… Continue reading

Always look on the bright side…

As I take the time to finish a couple other posts that are in development, I got a reminder of something I need to be doing better as a teacher – positive comments… Continue reading

Oh yeah, one more goal … Create new physics class!

My original post about my goals for the year  focused on my professional development goals – things I need to work on to improve my teaching and that I need to document for my… Continue reading

Opening Minds on the First Day

In looking for ideas about using the Modeling Chemistry curriculum this summer, I ran across a detailed account of a Modeling Chemistry workshop by Gary Abud, Jr. at Productive & Constructive.  (In fact I… Continue reading

Goals for 2012-13 & Beyond

Since I officially start my school year tomorrow, I thought that I should at least put my goals for the year (and longer term) in writing. These are things that I’d like to… Continue reading

Closer to Choosing a Gradebook

My last post was written when I was, shall we say, a bit distressed over choosing a gradebook.  I had thought this would be the no-brainer part of switching to SBG – but… Continue reading